Founded by Camilo Moreira in January 2011, CMF Display is a young and dynamic, technology-driven company, keeping abreast of all new production processes and the latest technologies to ensure the best delivery times, product quality and the most competitive prices in the market.


CMF Display's main market is the outsourcing of metal parts, working with great skills, steel, stainless steel or aluminium for various sectors including the furniture industry, advertising, automotive and metalworking industry in general, etc.


We produce from laser cutting plate and tube, bending, electrostatic painting or any other surface treatment, their assembling and packaging. We are able to perform every step of the process or only part of the production process.

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The metallurgy and metalworking sector has many particular characteristics, since most of its activities produce support goods for the other sectors - intermediate goods, capital goods and/or durable goods for final consumption. By its nature, this sector occupies a central position in the economic growth of modern economies, given its role in the development and diffusion of new technologies. It has never been a “protected” sector, it has always competed in in global markets, thus creating resilience and reinvention capability. Competition is based on product quality rather than price. Nation wise, competition is high. The company is based in Anadia, along the national road N1. It is a place with excellent access and an extraordinarily favourable location. Very industrialized and sparsely populated area.


To become a Comprehensive Performance Company in the metallurgy market, through a portfolio of quality products, unique characteristics and proposals.


Our customers’ total satisfaction is our main and daily goal, either in product quality, or in guaranteeing the best price and delivery time for our customer.

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